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We Support Challengers

Open Telecom are proud to support and work with the Surrey based charity Challengers, and provide Telecommunications solutions for any business or organisation associated with them.

A percentage of every penny these businesses spend with us goes directly back into the Challengers fundraising coffers, allowing us to both directly and indirectly donate to this wonderful cause.

Our clear aim is supplying telecommunications to Challengers and their Supporters and Fundraisers. Advise. Inform. Manage.

We provide impartial, clear advice on all areas of telecoms, allowing businesses to consolidate services into one place, streamline products where possible, and of course save money. There are so many areas where costs can be cut without compromising any services. Our ongoing management and customer service is focussed on delivering outstanding care – just like Challengers do.

Challengers provides play schemes for disabled children and young people aged 2-25. We make it possible for any child, with any impairment, to access essential play opportunities, helping them to develop vital skills such as co-ordination, confidence and communication, all whilst having fun, making friends and challenging their impairment. Our work also provides an essential short break to families who are often exhausted from the demands of caring. Families often describe Challengers as a lifeline, and say that without such support family life would be likely to break down.

Some of the inclusive play and leisure activities for disabled children and young people are achieved through:

  • Preschool groups
  • Family Days
  • Playschemes
  • Youthschemes & overnight activities
  • Young Adult Schemes

See the Challengers website for more info: Challengers Website


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