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Open Telecom provide free, no obligation quotes for all your sim requests. Call us now for friendly, professional advice, and an up-to-date quotation.

We offer sims on the reliable, frequently used networks that you can trust.


Data Sims

We quote all standard 100MB sims under £2.00. Need more data? Get in touch for a more specific quote.

Text Sims

Our text bundles start at 10,000 texts per sim. Introductory rate.

Wifi Sims

All our WIFI sims come with a FREE WIFI device that can connect straight to your PDA. Keep your clients connected with 25GB for just £23.33.

Voice Sims

Need some Voice Sims? Whether it’s just a sim, or a whole business mobile package, we can provide a variety of mobile phone contracts to suit your needs. Get in touch for more information.