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Phone Equipment Maintenance


Within the competitive world of business it is essential to protect your telephone system from unforeseen failures. Any systems failures have an immediate impact on your business. These issues can be an expensive problem to put right. However what is typically not considered and is difficult to measure is the actual loss of business.

We understand the importance of proactive and reliable support for your office phone system and VOIP telephone system, as such we provide maintenance services for Avaya, Alcatel, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba.

We can ensure your employees have a reliable office phone system and VOIP phone system that connects to your business critical data and applications. So your customer service levels, profits and reputation are always maintained.

Transfer your telephone system maintenance service contract to us and we’ll provide the reassurance you need to keep your business fully operational.



  • Complete a free health check on your business communications.
  • Dedicated time to truly understand your business and how it operates.
  • Suggest areas you could improve productivity and/or reduce costs.
  • Review your system programming and make any necessary changes.
  • Advise you of available software updates and the benefits of them.




  • Our experienced engineers are fully manufacturer trained.
  • We have over 200 years combined engineering experience.
  • Work on issue resolution, not just responding.
  • Direct support contracts with our system manufacturers.
  • Provide you with a one stop business communications solution.
  • Saving you alot of money if a disaster occured.
  • Giving you peace of mind.

Why do you need Maintenance?


Without maintenance agreement to support your telephone system you are exposed to parts and labour charges associated with fixing faults. Your business is unable to budget for these faults as they are unexpected. More importantly the time it takes to get an engineer working on your fault would not be covered by any Service Level Agreement – which means you could be waiting days, not hours!!

In order to protect our customers Open Telecom always insist on supplying a maintenance support agreement with any new or used telephone system we manage.

Maintenance Options


We offer 3 different maintenance contracts – All our Service Levels include 15 minutes of remote maintenance per day as standard (Subject to remote connectivity being available). This allows for simple changes to be made without the need for an invoice to be raised.

Any work beyond 15 minutes will be chargeable. There is no (Service level agreement – SLA) provided for the inclusive remotes, these are carried out within the same working day.

All maintenance contracts include

  •  Unlimited Technical support over the telephone.
  • Replacements of all core hardware telephone systems parts against failure.
  • All engineering time required to fix faults.
  • Engineering travelling time.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Open Telecom ensures that your telephone systems are working at their best. Whether you need on-site assistance or technical support over the phone, you can be assured that your system is fully operating.

The benefits and peace of mind provided by a maintenance agreement are priceless especially if an issue does occur.



At Open Telecom we not only support our own customers directly, but also our own dealer channel. This allows us to share our engineering resource with our Select Partners. These partners can call upon us for assistance on installations, cover on support calls or the assistance on supply, installation and maintenance on telephone systems the dealer may not be familiar with.

In addition to the above, dealers also benefit from

  • Advanced maintenance stock replacements
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Presales and technical sales support
  • Solution design and costing
  • Proposal creation and delivery
  • On-site demonstrations and training
  • Our virtual helpdesk

All of the above is delivered as a white labelled engineering solution and allows dealers to increase the service / engineering capabilities within their own business without the need for the ongoing overheads.


For more information about how this solution could help your business, contact us today on 020 33 888 888 or email

Why Choose Open Telecom

> Industry leading UK-based customer service
> Premium partnerships with all the UK’s major carriers
> 24-hour support from our dedicated support team
> Flexible installations and online real-time call stats

> Dedicated account manager and customer services representative
> Industry experts with many years’ experience
> Guaranteed to cut costs while delivering a cutting-edge service
> One itemised monthly billing service