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Open Telecom mobile service is designed specifically with businesses in mind. We understand you need a reliable service and simple solution at the right price. Open Telecom is now able to provide a solution that is right for you and your business. Our partners include Vodafone and 02 allowing us to create many varied and innovative opportunities for growth and the development of services and applications. We can offer a wide range of voice tariffs to suit your business needs. Now that mobile business users can be seamlessly integrated into other business communication solutions, it’s essential to be working with a partner who understands this and can make sensible business recommendations. Solutions may include downloading applications onto your mobiles to allow them to be extensions of your telephone system and benefit from free calls to and from the office. Recording solutions to enable call recording on your mobiles and have these available via a web portal when in or out of the office. Real-time call logging for all your mobile devices – Are your sales staff making the calls they promised you?