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Mitel MCD

Mitel Communications Director (MCD)

Mitel Communications Director (Mitel MCD) can be deployed in just about any environment, working with (rather than replacing) existing processes and systems to enhance them with the latest IP solutions and features. This attribute protects legacy investments and also prepares existing systems for future growth.

Whether a company has 30 users or 65,000, MCD brings powerful call handling, a profusion of features, simple management and flexible deployment options.

Mitel Business Telephones and Peripherals

Among MCD’s embedded features are leading-edge mobility capabilities and standard unified messaging. Mitel Dynamic Extension establishes a single identity for users communicating internally or externally. Dynamic Extension works with any device (desk phone, cellular, remote office, home phone) and extends the corporate system to any location on any network. This improves the accessibility of the user, and also reduces costs and ensures first-call resolution.

MCD also includes inherent auto attendant, automatic call distribution, Wi-Fi, and an IP DECT wireless gateway. These combined with over 500 telephony features such as hot desking and audio conferencing enrich the user experience and invigorate existing processes. In distributed environments, MCD works over IP or traditional telephony networks to provide a virtual single system. MCD also provides support for networking standards such as SIP, which facilitate interconnection with third-party PBXs and applications.

MCD’s flexible design immediately enhances the user experience, and extends high-level benefits over the long term.