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Line Protect

Toll fraud, phreaking or phone hacking can affect any organisation, regardless of its size, sector, location or telephone provider. It occurs when hackers break into your company’s phone system without permission and make unauthorised calls from your account.

Despite media attempts to raise awareness of this crime, each year hundreds of British businesses and authorities fall victims to telephone hacking (or “phreaking” as it is known in the telecoms industry) as detailed by the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre which is run directly by the Police.

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In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in business telecoms fraud. The UK is the 3rd most targeted country in the world for toll fraud and is estimated to be costing companies over £1 billion every year.

A statistic that will make you cringe is that the average cost of a toll fraud is circa £10,000 per customer for an unmonitored incident. The BBC has reported on individual cases as shown below:

At Open Telecom we have recognised the significance of this increased threat to our customers, and have acknowledged that whilst you may not be able to ultimately stop this from happening, you certainly can protect yourself from the consequences of it – and this is why we have introduced our Line Protect scheme.

Line Protect provides you with a complete failsafe to negate your exposure to this kind of illegal activity. For a small premium per month on your line rental charges, we guarantee to protect you against toll fraud as per our T&Cs, thus meaning you can continue to run your business in the safe knowledge that you will not be hit with any nasty surprises when your next invoice arrives.!

If you wish to opt-out of this service, you are welcome to do so. All you need to do is contact your Account Manager on 020 33 888 888 and they will send you an opt-out disclaimer to sign, and we will amend your billing to reflect this. No charges will be made for any Line Protect services incurred for up to 3 months when you opt-out. We cannot be fairer than that.!
All we want to do is ensure you (as our Business customer) are protected against the latest criminal activity that is threatening every fixed line telephone user in the UK.