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IP Hosted Solutions

Hosted VoIP provides an enterprise-grade telephony solution with many additional benefits you don’t get with traditional PBX systems. It’s become increasingly popular in the last 5 years as many businesses have seen the cost-savings it offers. Hosted VoIP is now widely regarded as the future of business telephony.

Hosted VoIP replaces expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, BT lines and numbers with a simple, cost efficient alternative.


A Hosted VoIP solution is fully scalable and offers complete flexibility meaning that the infrastructure will grow with your business and any changes you wish to implement are easily made through our online portal. VoIP offers economies of scale, complete flexibility, better off-site working and hundreds of value-added features.

Customers have certain expectations when calling a business regardless of the nature of their call:

  • Calls should be answered or at the very least have the ability to leave a message any time of day.
  • If the wrong person answers their initial call, they will be transferred to the correct person and expect music while holding.
  • The ability to select which department or person their call will be connected to depending on their requirements. If there is no one available to answer their call they should be able to wait to speak to a department once a representative becomes available.
  • They do not expect to get a phone that just rings unanswered or to be told to call the right person back on a different number. Calls should no longer receive an engaged or busy tone.

Expectations on telecom’s are high and calls should be managed in an efficient way. The challenge therefore is to provide a communications infrastructure which can achieve this without it breaking the bank account to do so.

You can simply choose, add or remove numbers, extensions, external routing, time profiles, call queues, IVR menus, custom prompts, music on hold, remote workers, call groups, conference call rooms and much more instantly at the click of a button.

System Features includes

  • Voicemail
  • Music-on-hold
  • Caller ID
  • Conference call
  • Call diversion
  • Call recording