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Call Centre Solutions

Mitel Contact Centre Solutions is a portfolio of applications that will enable your business to maximise the efficiency of its contact centre. Each application equips contact centre agents with a unique set of tools to handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently while, at the same time, empowering supervisors to improve business processes. Contact Centre Solutions are browser-based, making them simple to manage from anywhere over the Internet.

Ideal for sophisticated contact centres of all sizes, Contact Centre Solutions not only meets the advanced requirements of small, single-site contact centre, but also seamlessly scale to address the needs of distributed, multi-site, virtual contact centres. It supports all forms of communication including voice, e-mail, Web chat, fax, and walk-in and SMS services. Designed to ensure business continuity, it is a robust solution that delivers resiliency and high availability.


  • Extensive custom reporting
  • Sophisticated routing and highly customised interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Customised integrations for customer relationship management (CRM) and workforce management (WFM)
  • Resiliency and high availability
  • Support for distributed, multi-site, virtual deployments


  • Empower their customers to be served the way they prefer, and manage their expectations
  • Drive agent and supervisor productivity, enabling their agents to handle customer enquiries quickly and efficiently and allowing managers to improve business processes
  • Streamline their contact centre operations with technologies that seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure investments and deploy reliably across multiple sites.

Phone Manager Software

In order to manage your business more effectively, the Phone Manager software modules assist in increasing the features and functionality used within your business.

  • Phone Manager Lite – a client application that allows you to dial and answer calls easily, see if your colleagues are available to take a call and view your recent calls’ list.
  • Phone Manager Outlook – offering all the features of Phone Manager Lite and allows integration into Outlook whilst also providing TAPI integration.
  • Phone Manager Professional – offering all the features of Phone Manager Lite with agent working, plus TAPI integration to dial direct from TAPI-enabled applications such as Outlook, Act and Goldmine. It even allows you to download your Outlook contacts into your personal directory too! Pro also allows for integrate your telephone system with your CRM database by screen popping macros, or you need to use software development controls for VB or .NET
  • Phone Manager Team Leader – Aimed at call centre supervisors, Phone Manager Team leader uses all the functionality offered the previous versions and adds a tightly integrated call management solution enabling leaders to remotely manage agents in a variety of ways.

>>> DEMO VIDEO (Mitel Phone Manager)

Call Logging

TIM Plus utilises the data output from your telephone system, checks it, costs it and stores it automatically. From this, not only can it produce a whole range of management reports with vivid graphs, charts and tables, custom-defined if required, but all of its functions can be performed from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

Control your costs:

TIM Plus gives department managers the information they need to control their own telecoms budgets. Just knowing the system is in place will itself reduce general telephone abuse, allowing significant savings.
You can allow department managers access to their own information – from their own desktop. There is no limit to the number of users, restricting access to only their department if required. The system can automatically e-mail scheduled reports to predetermined users on a regular basis.

The system can also be set to produce alert e-mail when abnormal calls are made e.g. calls above a predetermined cost.

Improve service:

TIM identifies when and where your calls are being lost. Lost calls means irate callers, and general dissatisfaction with the level of service provided.
TIM also monitors your line usage. Do you have enough lines? Do you have too many? TIM scrutinises your telephone traffic and can readily suggest line optimisation.


Unlimited Display Boards:

TIM Plus includes an unlimited number of display boards (software only, excludes actual screens). These are completely customisable and will allow you to display up-to-the-minute information for any site/user/team.


To sample an on-line version of the TIM Plus software and see for yourself how easy it is to run reports, please browse to:

Username: timplus

Password: timplus

Call Recording

Our call recording solutions enables recording of a wide range of formats, including primary rate (PRI/ISDN30), basic rate (BRI/ISDN2), analogue lines. Using an intuitive web interface for playback and searching users can quickly and easily find calls they are looking for without the need for dedicated playback software. As the system is web based it can be made available from wherever you can access the Internet.

The server taps into existing lines and passively records the calls with no effect on the quality or stability of the phone system. With unlimited scalability and multi-site options, the Call Recorder can grow with your organisation.

Recordings can be saved in compressed .WAV format and archived onto DVD-RAM or network based storage devices. By default they are compressed into GSM format at 100KB per minute.

With seamless integration with Phone Manager or our Web service based APIs, options are available to aid PCI & FSA compliance to enable call recording to be paused and resumed when sensitive information, i.e. credit card details, are being processed. Calls can also be played back or tagged with customer specific details and this tag information can then be used in search criteria when looking for specific calls.


Search and Playback of recordings

Searching and playback of recordings are performed from the Recordings page on the Call Recorder. This can be accessed from the Recordings menu bar below.


The recordings page shows a list of calls that match the current filter conditions that have been set. There are a range of different filters that can be applied to the recordings and they are displayed on the left hand side of the page and a quick date range option above the grid.

Recordings Grid


The recordings grid shows all the calls that match the current settings and also the current users. A sample grid is shown below.

Audio and Web Conferencing

Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing (AWC) will provides you with a flexible, secure and cost-effective conferencing solution. AWC integrates enterprise audio conferencing functionality with Web conferencing collaboration technology. This tool will transform the collaboration and conferencing experience by providing users with reliable, flexible ways to transfer and exchange information, regardless of each participant’s location.


AWC is available in two purchasable software options: audio-only or Web and audio. In both cases you would gain:

  • Instant, flexible calling: Users can make an instant call or create a conference from a two-party call. They can also pre-schedule a conference call.
  • Complete call control and management: Users can add and drop other call participants as well as mute, hold, or transfer a call directly from the desktop. For billing purposes, a call detail record (CDR) would provide a log of all calls including their dates, times and duration.
  • Cost-effective conferencing: For ultimate flexibility and cost-effectiveness, users can customize solutions to best meet individual needs.
  • Web-based collaboration tools: Users can facilitate online meetings, training, and presentations with features designed for sharing the desktop or individual applications. They can also enhance conferences to increase participation and understanding by using interactive markup tools, user polling, and video conferencing. The file transfer utility enables them to immediately share the outcome of online collaborative sessions by transmitting updated files and presentations to conference participants.
  • Conference archiving: enables the recording of conference calls and collaborative sessions for playback

Ever struggled to get everybody together in a room at the same time for a meeting?

Network based conferencing is our simple, flexible and cost effective conference solution that helps you to maintain regular contact with your colleagues, partners, customers etc

What are the benefits?

You don’t need to register for the service – you just need to dial our conference number and make up your own random 6 digit pin code. All other parties dialing into our conference number and entering the same pin number will be automatically joined together – It couldn’t be simpler!!

How do you get connected?

Just dial – 0844 844 0141 (followed by any 6 digit pin code)

Just as long as all your attending participants dial the same 6 digit pin code you will all be connected together.

How do I do it?

It’s simple to set up. Just follow these steps:

The conference organiser informs all participants of the 0844 844 0141 number to dial
The organiser informs the group of the date and time of the call and the 6 digit pin code to be used.
Then just follow these steps:

Callers dial 0844 844 0141 at the agreed time
When prompted, callers enter the 6 digit pin number given followed by hash #
Others can enter and leave the group call at any time. Beeps will indicate when people enter and leave the conference call.
Note. Calls costs from a BT landline will be 5ppm, other networks costs may vary.

Music On Hold

With the world moving at an ever-increasing pace, more and more business is being conducted over the phone. As a result, your telephone image has become more important than ever.

Music on hold is the business practice of playing recorded music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold or are waiting to be answered. We can help you with Music on hold solutions that best utilities this time to promote your products and services to your waiting customers.

If you would like to know more details on the type of phone systems that could benefit your business, then please click on the links below



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