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Conference Solutions

Ever struggled to get everybody together in a room at the same time for a meeting?

Network based conferencing is our simple, flexible and cost effective conference solution that helps you to maintain regular contact with your colleagues, partners, customers etc

What are the benefits?

You don’t need to register for the service – you just need to dial our conference number and make up your own random 6 digit pin code. All other parties dialing into our conference number and entering the same pin number will be automatically joined together – It couldn’t be simpler!!

How do you get connected?

Just dial – 0844 844 0141 (followed by any 6 digit pin code)

Just as long as all your attending participants dial the same 6 digit pin code you will all be connected together.

How do I do it?

It’s simple to set up. Just follow these steps:

The conference organiser informs all participants of the 0844 844 0141 number to dial
The organiser informs the group of the date and time of the call and the 6 digit pin code to be used.
Then just follow these steps:

Callers dial 0844 844 0141 at the agreed time
When prompted, callers enter the 6 digit pin number given followed by hash #
Others can enter and leave the group call at any time. Beeps will indicate when people enter and leave the conference call.
Note. Calls costs from a BT landline will be 5ppm, other networks costs may vary.