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Call Recording

Our call recording solutions enables recording of a wide range of formats, including primary rate (PRI/ISDN30), basic rate (BRI/ISDN2), analogue lines. Using an intuitive web interface for playback and searching users can quickly and easily find calls they are looking for without the need for dedicated playback software. As the system is web based it can be made available from wherever you can access the Internet.

The server taps into existing lines and passively records the calls with no effect on the quality or stability of the phone system. With unlimited scalability and multi-site options, the Call Recorder can grow with your organisation.

Recordings can be saved in compressed .WAV format and archived onto DVD-RAM or network based storage devices. By default they are compressed into GSM format at 100KB per minute.

With seamless integration with Phone Manager or our Web service based APIs, options are available to aid PCI & FSA compliance to enable call recording to be paused and resumed when sensitive information, i.e. credit card details, are being processed. Calls can also be played back or tagged with customer specific details and this tag information can then be used in search criteria when looking for specific calls.


Search and Playback of recordings

Searching and playback of recordings are performed from the Recordings page on the Call Recorder. This can be accessed from the Recordings menu bar below.


The recordings page shows a list of calls that match the current filter conditions that have been set. There are a range of different filters that can be applied to the recordings and they are displayed on the left hand side of the page and a quick date range option above the grid.

Recordings Grid


The recordings grid shows all the calls that match the current settings and also the current users. A sample grid is shown below.