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Business Mobile

Business Mobile

  • Open Telecom’s mobile service is designed specifically with businesses in mind. We understand you need a reliable service and simple solutions at the right price. Open Telecom is now able to provide a solution that is right for you and your business.
  • Our partners include EE, Vodafone and O2 allowing us to create many varied and innovative opportunities for growth and the development of services and applications. We can offer a wide range of voice tariffs to suit your business needs.
  • We have a wide range of mobiles to choose from such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Sony etc. YOU NAME IT, WE HAVE IT!
  • Solutions may include downloading applications onto your mobiles to allow them to be extensions of your telephone system. This will benefit you with FREE CALLS to and from the office.
  • Recording solutions to enable calls to be recorded on your mobiles and have these available via a web portal when in or out of the office.
  • Real-time call logging for all your mobile devices – Are your sales staff making the calls they promised you?
  • Now that mobile business users can be seamlessly integrated into other business communication solutions, it’s essential to be working with a partner who understands this and can make sensible business recommendations.

Mobile Packages

Every organisation is different. At Open Telecom, we review your usage and coverage in order to propose the right plan at the right price, tailored to your business needs.

Mobile Voice & Data Plans

As a valued customer you receive the same service whether you have one handset or 1000. As an independent provider we are perfectly placed to offer the very best voice and data packages from leading networks. We combine a generous mix of minutes, texts and data and we will also assess whether a pool of shared data may be more suitable than individual user data packages. Additionally, we will check that you are covered, in the most effective way, for any overseas usage. We will only propose tariffs that fit your usage and needs.

What Package do you get as a Business Customer?

Our packages are designed to fit around your business. We will analyse your historical usage, assess your coverage needs and propose the best solution for your business. We act as the conduit between your business and the network and can therefore take away the pain of dealing with them directly.Should you wish to change your plan at any point or add a tariff bolt-on, simply contact us and we will process your request.

Support as and When you Need it

As an independent provider, we always work with our customers’ best interests in mind, meaning that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. The personal relationships that we develop with our customers ensure that we are able to act effectively as a trusted mobile adviser.

For more information about how this solution could help your business, contact us today on 020 33 888 888 or email

Why Choose Open Telecom

> Industry leading UK-based customer service
> Premium partnerships with all the UK’s major carriers
> 24-hour support from our dedicated support team
> Flexible installations and online real-time call stats

> Dedicated account manager and customer services representative
> Industry experts with many years’ experience
> Guaranteed to cut costs while delivering a cutting-edge service
> One itemised monthly billing service